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Introducing “States in Play”

Dispatches from the 2016 presidential battlegrounds

Lars Gesing, CU News Corps Assistant Director

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BOULDER, Colorado – Only about a dozen states are truly up for grabs when Republicans and Democrats square off in 2016 in their pursuit for the White House.

Welcome to the States in Play.

Colorado – Iowa – Wisconsin – Ohio – Pennsylvania – New Hampshire – Virginia – North Carolina – Florida – New Mexico – Arizona – Nevada

They are the battlegrounds, the swing states, the states where both presidential campaigns will spend a lot of their time on the 2016 trail. But why these states? What makes them so special? And what do voters want there?

States in Play — a CU News Corps special project — will tell you why.

That’s what reporter Lars Gesing is setting out to do. For three months he will travel to all 12 states and bring you political analysis paired with personal observations from the ground.

Follow us on a different kind of road trip.

P.S.: Also check out the States in Play Facebook page to become an active part of this project. Join us in discussions, and tell us what questions you want answered.

P.P.S.: If professional media partners would like to run States in Play stories, please contact CU News Corps Director Jeff Browne at [email protected].

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Explanatory multimedia reporting from CU Boulder journalism students
Introducing “States in Play”