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The impact of drugs is a serious issue in Colorado. We want to hear from you.

News Corps is tackling the broad and complex issue of drugs in the state, and we want to hear from those who are affected in some way. More people in Colorado died from overdoses in 2016 than any year on record, with the loss of 912 lives, according to new state health department data. Across the US, over 55,000- 65,000 people die from overdose deaths each year, making it the number one cause of death for people under 50.

From investigating new drugs that are entering the supply to college students, to covering the diversifying business models of marijuana, News Corps aims to dig into underreported issues ethically and thoughtfully. With both licit and illicit drugs, we want to understand what is happening on the street, in the boardrooms, behind closed doors. We want to know where it is happening, what is working, what could be improved, and what you think the public needs to know.

We work with large media organizations on multimedia stories. We aim to shed light on issues that need attention, and to look at some of the systemic issues in our state that need to be addressed. We value your privacy and are committed to sensitively and accurately telling your stories that need to be told.

Following up
A journalist may contact you for further details about your story. Your information is private and we will ask your permission to release any information to the public.

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